Berlin Gig Forecast | Lowly + Fazerdaze

Who | Lowly

When | Wednesday, September 20

Where | Privatclub

For fans of:  Highasakite, Björk


While the quintet Lowly hails from Denmark, you can hear only hints of the darkwave sound so typical of that region in their music. That the Aarhus natives decided to veer from this norm is already a welcome start. Released earlier this year, their debut album Heba is a breath of fresh, Nordic air, chocked with unexpected sonic surprises that keep listeners on their toes (think conversational background noise and superimposed operatic singing). The production brilliantly puts the vocals in a place of prominence without neglecting the various other instrumental textures, resulting in a minimalist layering effect. It’s a no-brainer then that Lowly are lowly no more, and swiftly rising in indie fame with their experimental twist on synthpop.

For fans of:  Emmy The Great, Japanese Breakfast


Kiwi dreamgaze songstress Amelia Murray made a name for herself under the moniker Fazerdaze back in 2015 with a self-titled/self-released EP. On ‘Jennifer,’ the standout track from said EP, she managed to sound like a cross between 4AD-era Red House Painters, Ride, Velvet Underground, and Bran Van 3000’s ‘Drinkin in L.A.’, exemplifying her talent for seamlessly blending a wide range of influences. This caught the attention of mythical Christchurch label Flying Nun, who signed her and promptly released her debut album Morningside in early May. Morningside finds Murray revealing a slightly grittier side to her music, relying heavily on distortion pedals. Kreuzberg venue Musik & Frieden has been on a roll lately, hosting one amazing gig after another, and Fazerdaze will most definitely continue this trend.


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