Giveaway | win 2x tickets to Any Other + The Homesick

Who | Any OtherThe Homesick

When | Monday, October 9

Where | Internet Explorer

How much | Potentially free (details at the bottom)


For fans of: Frankie Cosmos, Cherry Glazerr, Throwing Muses

Milan-based lo-fi outfit Any Other have thus far only released one album, Silently. Quietly. Going Away on Italian indie label Bello Records in 2015, and contrary to what the title would suggest, they entered the indie scene with gusto and great reviews. Fronted by charismatic singer Adele Nigro, their sound pulls heavily from 80’s/90’s alternative rock bands like The Breeders and Throwing Muses, yet Any Other still manage to make something new and interesting out of the old rock combo guitars, drums and bass (you’ll be happy to discover some really good bass lines in their songs).


For fans of: Preoccupations, Deerhunter, Rats on Rafts

Out of a tiny Dutch town that you’ve likely never heard of, comes a band that you’ll likely hear more and more of in the coming months: The Homesick. This noisy young trio will no doubt hook you with their brand of off-kilter sort-of-pop. Their debut LP Youth Hunt does well to exhibit the experimental musical climate that we’re lucky enough to be living in, wherein a band doesn’t limit themselves to one style, but rather plays around a bit.The Homesick‘s sound possesses the brooding darkness of post-punk, the catchiness of pop melody, the steady rhythmic momentum of kraut, soaring walls of distortion a la MBV, gurgling underwater guitar/vocals effects, and the occasional growl or group shout thrown in for good measure. The result is a varied assortment of seemingly dissimilar elements that work together to form a cohesive (and delightful) whole.

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