Berlin Gig Forecast | Emmy the Great + Lowly

Who | Emmy the Great

When | Tuesday, March 28

Where | Auster Club

For fans of: Eskimeaux, Laura Veirs, Lisa Hannigan

Emma-Lee Moss–better known as Emmy the Great–is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve; at least, that’s certainly what her songwriting would have us believe. The Londoner’s beginnings as a twee anti-folker will likely serve as an inspiration for younger lo-fi musicians of the Frankie Cosmos ilk. Emmy‘s third studio album, Second Love, a commentary on life in the 21st century. Similarly “now” is the style of the record, which is much more solidly synthpop, although the intimate, recorded-in-the-bedroom vibe is fortunately still preserved. Each song plays out like an entry in a millenial diary, but for all the disenchantment one could express regarding the vapidity of today’s culture, she sends a more hopeful message about love in the modern age. I would have to agree with Emmy in saying that her greatness abounds.

Who | Lowly

When | Tuesday, April 4

Where | Privatclub

For fans of:  Highasakite, Björk

While the quintet Lowly hails from Denmark, you can hear only hints of the darkwave sound so typical of that region in their music. That the Aarhus natives decided to veer from this norm is already a welcome start. Released just last month, their debut album Heba is a breath of fresh, Nordic air, chocked with unexpected sonic surprises that keep listeners on their toes (think conversational background noise and superimposed operatic singing). The production brilliantly places the vocals front and center without neglecting the various other instrumental textures, resulting in a minimalist layering effect. It’s a no-brainer then that Lowly are lowly no more, and swiftly rising in indie fame with their experimental twist on synthpop.


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