Berlin Gig Forecast | Sunflower Bean + Cobalt Cranes

WhoSunflower Bean

When | Tuesday, February 9

Where | Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

I’ve already gushed a bit about these Brooklyn newcomers in my top 10 discoveries last year, but I guess it can’t hurt reaffirm their awesomeness. Despite the fact that Sunflower Bean only just released their debut album two days ago, the trio have already made a strong impression, serving as the support for big name bands like The Vaccines and landing themselves on myriad “best of” lists. While their 2015 EP, Show Me Your Seven Secrets, showcased the band’s rough, punky side, their debut release, Human Ceremony, finds them softening quite a bit and incorporating a dreamier aesthetic. It’s this range that makes them so captivating, as they careen from the high-energy, hard guitar riffs of tracks like ‘Wall Watcher’ to the tender, dream-pop of ‘I Want You to Give Me Enough Time’. One thing you can be assured of: Sunflower Bean will always make sure to keep you on your toes.

For fans of: Wolf Alice, POND

Who | Cobalt Cranes

When | Thursday, February 11

Where | Schokoladen, Berlin

On paper, LA-based band Cobalt Cranes could come off as another twee male-female duo–boy meets girl, they start making lo-fi recordings together in their bedroom, and the rest is history–but their gritty neo-psych is anything but. Their most recent LP, Days in the Sun, is a heavy, hazy mix of 90s grunge and garage awash in distortion. Singer Kate Betuel is a powerhouse, with a vocal presence akin to that of Joan Jett, which perfectly complements the weightiness of the guitar and drums. Though relatively new to the scene, Cobalt Cranes have a classic sound that never gets old.

For fans of: Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


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