Berlin Gig Forecast | The Bronze Medal + Car Seat Headrest

WhoThe Bronze Medal

When | Wednesday, February 17

Where | Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

Bristol’s The Bronze Medal aren’t in the business of overcomplicating things: they put their focus on crafting melodies that pull you in and keep you listening. Their sole album–the 2014 debut LP, Darlings–is comprised of songs that are at once delicate, fragile-sounding, and yet still biting; essentially, the perfect ear candy.

For fans of:  Shearwater, The National, The Notwist


WhoCar Seat Headrest

When | Thursday, February 18

Where | ACUD, Berlin

Seattle-based musician Will Toledo–the mastermind behind Car Seat Headrest–may only be 22 years old, but he approaches songwriting with a cynicism that belies his youth. His lo-fi, noisy slacker rock sound brilliantly parallels the raw emotion of his lyrics, which read like the diary of someone in the throes of growing up. Whether it’s in spite or because of his melancholic realism, Toledo’s songs have anthemic power, garnering him an underground cult following since Car Seat Headrest‘s inception in 2010. Finally, though, with the release of Teens of Style last year, he’s broken through to the forefront of the indie music world, inviting even more people to discover his honest and poignant musings on life’s bittersweet aftertaste.

For fans of: Mac DeMarco, Ty Segall



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