February Must-See | LNZNDRF


When | February 23, 25, and 26

Where | Grüner Salon, Kantine am BerghainCassiopeia

What do you get when you throw members of two massively successful indie bands into a recording studio? Apparently, a band that sounds nothing like you’d expect. Sure, in LNZNDRF–the brainchild of The National’s Scott and Bryan Devendorf and Beirut’s Ben Lanz–you can hear echoes of the anthemic momentum often attributed to The National and the nuance and exotic touch that Beirut are well-known for, but honestly, this music is much more than the sum of its parts.

Though their debut LP won’t be released until February 19th, LNZNDRF have bestowed upon us three singles–’Beneath the Black Sea’, ‘Kind Things’, and ‘Mt Storm’–to whet our appetites and ease the wait ever-so-slightly. The song titles kind of act as hints to their content: distorted vocals that gurgle as though underwater, and an overall sound awash in effects which evokes images of imposing landscapes and the celestial realm. They’ve clearly relied heavily on their 80s influences, with swirling synth passages, New Order-esque guitar lines, and drum machines aplenty. Alongside this, they’ve also pulled elements here and there from the psych and prog styles to create a pretty potent mix.

Amidst newly minted side projects and solo efforts galore, LNZNDRF is definitely a standout act. Thankfully, us Berliners will have THREE (yes, you read that correctly) chances to catch them live. Looks like they’re just as verliebt as we are.


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