Berlin Gig Forecast : Daniel Norgren + We Are The City

Who | Daniel Norgren

When | Saturday, January 30

Where | Lido, Berlin

Swedish singer-songwriter Daniel Norgren‘s music has its foundations in the art of the early folksong; his melodies aren’t overly intricate, but rather simple and effective. His is the kind of sound that evokes images of woodsy cabins in winter, the lo-fi aesthetic lending a sense of both warmth and intimacy, as well as distance and solitude. Norgren seems to get much of his inspiration from the natural world, incorporating the sound of a thunderstorm or crunching leaves as a backdrop for his fragile-yet-unwavering crooning. 2015 saw him release not one, but two full-length albums–Alabursy and The Green Stone–both of which find him perfectly combining elements of early country and folk music with more modern-sounding, ambient instrumentals.

For fans of: Sam Amidon, Daniel Martin Moore

Who | We Are The City

When | Sunday, January 31

Where | Bi Nuu, Berlin

  Hailing all the way from over the pond in Canada, We Are The City are doing their part to contribute to the ever-growing list of great artists coming out of Vancouver. The trio craft music that seamlessly blends the catchiness of pop (they even go so far as to reference those very hooks in their lyrics), with the experimental nature of progressive rock. Their most recent LP, Above Club, finds them taking cues from the electronic music scene, as they make use of synth and percussion-driven textures for an overall sound that’s industrial, but never cold or detached.

For fans of: Son Lux


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