Berlin Gig Forecast : New Madrid + Hinds

Who | New Madrid

When | Thursday, January 14

Where | Schokoladen, Berlin

Not to be confused with the insanely tiny town in Missouri (Google has told me this could prove baffling), New Madrid are an indie rock quartet hailing from Athens, USA (and yes, this means that the small Georgian city has struck again and given us yet another great indie band). Their sound is a blend of Southern-tinged post-punk and psych, featuring jangly guitars, echoing vocals, and a healthy dose of distortion. There’s also a folksy air that gives their music an overall sense of warmth. Their third LP is due out sometime later this year, but until then, you can catch New Madrid at the cozy Schokoladen on their first ever European tour.

Who | Hinds

When | Friday, January 15

Where | Lido, Berlin

Speaking of Madrid… enter the new talk of the town from Spain’s capital city, Hinds. Formerly called Deers, the all-girl outfit may have been forced to change their name, but along with that little mishap came a wave of international praise for their sweet-yet-sour brand of grungy pop. You win some, you lose some. Their simple, no bullshit sound has the grit and edge of garage rock, but also incorporates the melodic nature of surf rock and sugary—albeit tongue-in-cheek—vocal lines. It’s fairly obvious that Hinds’s M.O. is purely to play some catchy tunes, rock out, and have tons of fun with their friends, much to the delight of their audiences.


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