Berlin Gig Forecast : Hannah Epperson + Christopher Paul Stelling

Who | Hannah Epperson

When | Wednesday, January 20

Where | Monarch, Berlin

Hannah Epperson’s music is like a more-intimate cross between Joanna Newsom and Andrew Bird. The Canadian violinist and singer has an approach to songwriting that’s at once abundant and minimalistic, accompanied solely by her trusty violin, but using the magic of the loop pedal to its capacity. Her soft, breathy soprano works in perfect tandem with the light plucking of violin strings to create an ethereal sound that transfixes, and envelops the listener in a calm serenity.

For fans of: Andrew Bird, Owen Pallett

Who | Christopher Paul Stelling

When | Thursday, January 21

Where | Baumhaus Bar, Berlin

Originally from my home state of Florida but now based in Brooklyn, Christopher Paul Stelling’s sound is much more Deep South than any of his residences would have you believe. The singer-songwriter’s country-steeped folk centers on his mean, fingerpickin’ guitar playing and soulful vocals, with influences ranging from bluegrass and Americana, to greats like Cash and Dylan. Aside from energetic front porch romps, his latest album, Labor Against Waste, also boasts a number of quiet, tender moments, where lovely melodies and simple words of wisdom reign. It’s no wonder that his live performances are rumored to be a sight to behold.

For fans of: Tallest Man on Earth, Lord Huron


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