Berlin Gig Forecast | Teksti-TV 666 + Methyl Ethel

Who | Teksti-TV 666

When | Thursday, March 9

Where | Fluxbau

For fans of: K-X-P, Neu!, Jesus and Mary Chain

Sometimes (quite often, actually) you stumble upon a great band, not necessarily because of the music, but rather a brilliant band name or some amazing album artwork. Seven-piece garage indie rockers Teksti-TV 666 are one of those bands.

With a great band name and five guitars, they make loud and noisy—albeit extremely melodic—punk rock that could have only sprung from the land of a thousand lakes (Finland, for you laymen out there). Teksti-TV 666 operate in sonic landscapes somewhere between Hüsker Dü and The Jesus and Mary Chain, occasionally veering into that infamous neo-hipster kraut groove, but always with a dignified Nordic touch.

Suffice it to say, we’re pretty sure their gig at FluxBau will turn out to be the best Finnish rock party in Berlin this spring.

Who | Methyl Ethel

When | Tuesday, March 14

Where | Kantine am Berghain

For fans of: Youth Lagoon, Yeasayer, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Methyl Ethel started in 2013 as a one-man show through which Jake Webb could channel his musical whimsies. He soon rounded this out, adding a couple friends to the lineup and with this, Perth’s hottest new band was born (we still love you, Tame Impala).

While the Aussie trio’s 2016 debut, Oh Inhuman Spectacle, offered a sort of moody, experimental dreampop, their follow-up feels much more buoyant. Released just last week, Everything Is Forgotten introduces us to a lighter version of their boundary-pushing sound. Never lacking attention to detail, their songs sound as carefully constructed as ever, putting Webb’s silky, soulful falsetto right at the forefront. Always keen to keep their audiences on its toes, you can never get used to hearing one style for too long: one minute they have you grooving along to some funky chillwave, then the next they’ll pull a 180 into some glam territory.

What is consistently apparent, though, is that they’ve chosen to take a route towards writing songs that are propelled by rhythm, with choruses that are near dance floor-worthy. Whatever road they decide to take their listeners down, Methyl Ethel has proven that they’ve got it all under control, so just come along for the ride.


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