Tickets for the winning! BRONCHO on 27.6 / Bonobo+Chet Faker on 28.6

Who doesn’t like free stuff? First up is BRONCHO, in whom FluxFM is totally verliebt. They’re playing a show at Comet on Saturday, June 27, and all you have to do is visit FluxFM’s site and comment with a band whose name is as frequently (and horribly) mispronounced as BRONCHO’s. (Hint: MGMT is not an acronym)

Then we have the long-awaited Bonobo/Chet Faker DJ set at IPSE on Sunday, June 28, which quickly sold out in a flurry of fervent electro-hipsters. Not to worry, our friends at Stereofox have got you covered: they’ll be giving away 2 tickets to whomever manages to stroke their social media ego the most (e.g. follow the shit out of them on Twitter and refer as many friends as possible).


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