Berlin Gig Forecast : June 20 – July 4

Who: Jeffrey Lewis

When: June 26

Where: Ausland, Berlin

Singer-songwriter and comic book artist, Jeffrey Lewis, has become something of an antifolk hero over the years. Along with other pioneers like Kimya Dawson and The Moldy Peaches, he’s garnered much acclaim by way of his self-deprecating banter and deadpan songwriting. Think punk sentiment with an acoustic execution. And, though Lewis’s brazen style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can’t be argued that he is a master wordsmith, delivering poetry with a nearly unparalleled wit and stamina. So don’t miss out: he’ll be sweet talk-singing Berlin next Thursday evening at Ausland.

Who: Rayland Baxter

When: July 3

Where: Monarch, Berlin

Nashville-based Rayland Baxter is yet another in the somewhat recent wave of country-gone-mainstream artists who have managed to successfully appeal to listeners outside of the country music sphere. His brand of alt-country/Americana keeps the storytelling but does away with the gaudy twang so common in the majority of country music. This stripped-down approach makes for a sound that’s much more accessible, and wholly pleasant. The combination of Baxter’s sweet voice, softly plucked guitar, and the occasional Andrew Bird whistle evokes images of dusky summer evenings in breezy fields; it’s tough to not get lost in the daydream, why fight it?


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