Berlin Gig Forecast | Foreign/National + Sean Nicholas Savage

Who | Foreign/National

When | Friday, July 21

Where | Kantine am Berghain

For fans of: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Stereolab, Beaty Heart

There’s nothing foreign about Melbourne’s Foreign/National: with their breezy, psychedelic, sunny sound, they’re as Oz as it gets. Equal parts chill and energetic, their music mixes elements of lounge, krautrock, psych, and avant-pop resulting in subtly catchy tracks that nudge you up and out of your seat. So while you’re still upright, shimmy on over to check out Foreign/National and their retro synth grooves live.

Who | Sean Nicholas Savage

When | Friday, July 21

Where | Marie Antoinette

For fans of:  Young Guv, Ariel Pink, Blood Orange

Edmonton-born singer/songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage‘s sound is way too quirky and varied to describe in a single genre. Characterized by his funky style and androgynous, sultry falsetto, he unmistakably wears his Prince heart on his sleeve. On his latest release Magnificent Fist, he doesn’t shy away from chart pop hooks and autotune tricks, but instead throws in some signature 80s keys, drum machine beats, and puts his own spin on them to create something fresh. Although his music may be best suited to a steamy night in, take this opportunity to see him at the equally steamy Marie Antoinette.


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