November’s Berlin Must-See | C. Duncan

Who | C. Duncan

When | Wednesday, November 2

Where | Grüner Salon

For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Wild Nothing


Over the past year, Glasgow native C. Duncan has quickly become one of indie music’s most talked-about new musicians, and with good reason: not only is he a masterful multi-instrumentalist, composer, and one-man boy choir, but he’s also the accomplished painter responsible for creating all of his own album covers. Get in line, girls and boys. Upon listening to his 2015 baroque pop-meets-dream folk debut, Architect—particularly with the knowledge that every one of the myriad sounds you hear has been written and performed by him alonethe young Scotsman’s classical background is immediately evident, as is his strikingly acute songwriting ability.


Not pausing for a moment, he just released his sophomore album at the start of October. The Midnight Sun finds Duncan displaying a much more introspective side; using rich synth textures in place of the melodic pop hooks that characterized his first album, he creates an immersive sonic universe which is shrouded in an enticing mysteriousness. It should come as no surprise, then, that his main inspiration for this LP was 60s TV classic, The Twilight Zone. Nevertheless, although his sound might be a touch less playful than before, it is by no means less gorgeous: his elfin voice effortlessly floating atop the lush, intricate instrumentation is like a cool, calm breeze sweeping through seaside prairies. It seems that C. Duncan has perfected the art of making music which is at once intriguing and accessible in its beauty, and it’s simply irresistible.


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