#mittenmang | music that’s Berlin born and bred

While it’s easy to get carried away with all of the amazing international acts that grace our lovely city with their presence, it’s always refreshing when an opportunity arises which allows us to relish the talent that we have right here in our midst. So this Sunday, instead of debating whether or not you’ll overpay for Lollapalooza, why not just check out some local delights (potentially at no cost: read on for ticket giveaway details)…

What | #mittenmang

Hosted and curated by Bands of Friends this fresh-on-the-scene music event will showcase a select collection of Berlin bands/musicians during a daylong mini-fest.

Where | Marie Antoinette

A colloquial term meaning ‘in the middle,’ #mittenmang will fittingly take place right in the heart of the city, along the banks of the Spree.

Who |


Winter & Winter


The Bribe and the Mockery

Highest Sea


How much | 7-10€ // WIN 2X TICKETS

Yes, you read that right: Soundcheck Charlie will be giving away 1×2 tickets for the show this Sunday! To enter, simply send an email to soundcheckcharlie@gmail.com and show some Facebook ‘Like’ love (if you haven’t already) by 3pm Saturday.


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