Berlin Gig Forecast | Chantal Acda + Frøkedal

Who | Chantal Acda

When | Sunday, April 3

Where | Roter Salon, Berlin

For fans of: Mirah, S. Carey

Dutch-born singer-songwriter Chantal Acda is an all around great musician, but if she does one thing well, it’s slow builds. Upon first listen, her music is quiet and angelic, as her sweet, lilting voice floats above shimmering guitar and gentle percussion. But little by little, layers are seamlessly woven in—some soft string passages here, a discreet trumpet solo there—and suddenly, the sound has ditched its minimalism in favor of a richness that still maintains emotional intimacy. While Acda has put out numerous records as a part of other acts (namely Sleepingdog), The Sparkle in Our Flaws is only her second solo LP. This doesn’t mean that her collaborations have stopped, however. Efterklang’s Peter Broderick features heavily on this album, and his influence lends a beautiful ethereal quality to many of the songs. In a stroke of luck, she’ll be playing the one of the most suitable Berlin venues for her style.

Who | Frøkedal

When | Monday, April 4

Where | Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

For fans of: Cat Power, Highasakite

It seems that a good chunk of indie music coming out of the Nordic countries pulls a lot of inspiration from the breathtakingly expansive natural landscapes. Norwegian singer-songwriter Frøkedal is no different; her music possesses a cavernous quality that reverberates, evoking images of spanning fields and fjords. The Oslo-based musician began performing as a part of pop group Harrys Gym, but as the band parted ways in 2013, she’s since moved on to create her own stuff. Released just last month, Frøkedal‘s debut solo album Hold On Dreamer finds her not altogether abandoning that early electro pop sentiment, but rather using it as a springboard, adding acoustic folk elements like fiddles, tambourines, and even Beatles-style sitar. Her voice has a striking presence that’s full-bodied and soft around the edges, serving as a useful anchor for the songs. With a debut so eclectic, whatever direction she’ll head in next is sure to be intriguing.


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