Berlin Gig Forecast | Anna von Hausswolff + C+C=Maxigross

Who | Anna von Hausswolff

When | Wednesday, March 2

Where | Berghain, Berlin

Swedish organist and singer Anna von Hausswolff is a self described funeral pop goddess, though pop is likely to be the last thing that comes to mind while listening to her music. The combination of booming organ and her sweet-yet-slightly-shrill voice makes for the kind of beautiful, uncanny sound that will haunt your dreams. While her first two albums–2010’s Singing from the Grave and 2013’s Ceremony–could easily cast you into a deep depression, Hausswolff‘s latest LP, The Miraculous, finds her at her most hopeful, exploring the imagination of childhood and the magic of youth. This shift in mentality is audible, as she relies less heavily on the darkness of the pipe organ, instead incorporating ethereal, post-rock style guitar builds and tribal percussive elements that evoke a sense of adventure. As a result, her songs also sound much more cinematic in scope, meaning a live performance which is that much more impressive, particularly in the setting of Berlin’s mythical Berghain.

For fans of: Soléy, Kate Bush

Who | C+C=Maxigross

When | Wednesday, March 2

Where | ACUD, Berlin

Since their inception in the remote mountains of Italy in 2009, C+C=Maxigross have been making music with an ever-changing lineup of members that (at least according to their estimations) could at times reach above 20. This is immediately apparent once you hear the collective’s eclectic and lush brand of psychedelic folk, which can include anything from tribal chanting and flutes, to Segovia-inspired acoustic guitar passages and soulful choral sing-alongs. C+C=Maxigross‘s sophomore album, Fluttarn, sees them pushing their boundaries and expanding their palate to include more electronic elements, but also focusing and streamlining their songwriting. In any case, if their last gig in Berlin was an indication, this show is going to be a blast, so don’t miss out.

For fans of: Os Mutantes, Devendra Banhart


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