Berlin Gig Forecast |Special Edition| : Winter Festivals

As we find ourselves firmly planted in the heart of (an albeit warm) winter, everyone’s already pining for the endless sunshine and aimless späti hopping of a summer that feels like it’s eons away. Until then, we’ll just have to rely on another beloved typical summer staple to tide us over: music festivals. Conveniently enough, there are two local Berlin fests coming up in these next few days, namely…

S t a r g a z e Orchestral – Long Weekender


Stargaze is a Berlin-based orchestral ensemble who’s recently been making waves in the indie and neoclassical communities, from collaborations with Deerhoof and Owen Pallett, to their most recent work on the score for Iñárritu’s upcoming film, The Revenant. In any case, as the festival is centered around and curated by this collective, the genres range anywhere from electroacoustic to folk to pop. It consists of 14 separate performances by various artists, and includes original compositions by innovators like Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, among others.

Volksbühne, Berlin

December 11-13

How much
22/28€ per day

Bryce Dessner, Villagers

TuTTi FruTTi FesT


This small, one-day minifest is actually Berlin booking agency Pøj Pøj’s 1st birthday celebration, so naturally, it features a selection of their best experimental and psych music, along with a couple of other local acts. Located in the cosy Kantine of Berlin mainstay Berghain, TuTTi FruTTi FesT is offering a lovely little sampler of the European underground.

Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

Tuesday, December 15

How much
14/16 €



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