Soundcheck Charlie Giveaway : Turn Around Berghain

WhatTurn Around Bright Eyes

When: October 15

Where: Berghain

For those of you who’d like to live out the Berghain experience but can’t get on board with incessantly pounding techno beats, Turn Around Bright Eyes on October 15 is the way to go. The event has been the talk of the town recently, and with good reason: the show will feature a unique blend of live performances, digital art, and interactive audiovisual installations, creating a veritable playground for the senses.

Check out‘s show, hosted by yours truly and musician/technologist Peter Kirn, to get an idea of the music represented at the event:

For a chance to win two tickets to Turn Around Bright Eyes, simply comment with what you’re most excited to see!

Marianne Jacquet_artwork_edit


29 thoughts on “Soundcheck Charlie Giveaway : Turn Around Berghain

  1. Lina Franke says:

    as a digital producer and personally having been crazy for techno from the end of the 90s till 2000smth, I am excited to see and experience the combination of the gorgeous location and audiovisuell, interactive digital artworks. I am keen on seeing DUNE, one of onformatives latest collaborations with artist Natacha Mankowski as well as Peaches, maybe that’s what I’d like to see the most. However there is a great combination of things to explore 🙂

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  2. Sophie says:

    For me it would be the best thing in (at least) 2015 to see Koudlam at Berghain. After getting out of berghain on monday morning the only thing I could think of was this thursday night… which actually sounds a little sad but in the end I’m just addicted to music and I love Koudlam (and Peaches and Peter Kirn and HYENAT and and and) and couldn’t make it to one concert of Koudlam yet.. so this time I’d combine two lovely things. And that’s not even enough – I’d combine sixteen great acts with berghain… realize my dream! ❤

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