Berlin Gig Forecast : September 19 – October 2

Who: Cayucas

When: September 22

Where: Privatclub, Berlin

Though the days may be growing shorter and increasingly chillier, rest assured that Cayucas will bring a healthy dose of summer with them when they play Berlin’s Privatclub next week. The California twins have been making their beachy indie pop since 2012, but really made a name for themselves with their 2013 debut Bigfoot, which took college radio stations and the blogosphere by storm. They’ve been called our generation’s answer to the Beach Boys; understandably, as they charm audiences with their twinkly melodies awash in glimmering West Coast vibes. But regardless of whomever you choose to compare them to, Cayucas have held their own and continue to expand their sound. Their eagerly awaited sophomore LP Dancing at the Blue Lagoon opens with a cinematic orchestral string and horn passage, paving the way for an album that finds Cayucas achieving new depths, while still maintaining the fun&sun-drenched sound that makes them shine.

Who: Great Lake Swimmers

When: October 2

Where: Antje Øklesund, Berlin

If Cayucas’s energetic, sunny disposition is a reminder of long summer days, then the subdued, bucolic beauty of Great Lake Swimmer’s sound beckons us to relish the impending autumn. Rife with steel pedal guitar, fiddle and banjo, the Canadian band’s music is at the crossroads between folk, alt-country, and bluegrass, a blend that’s altogether warm and rich. Lead singer, Tony Dekker, has a voice whose timbre is as soothing and pacifying as they come, and interlaces in gorgeous harmonies with fellow singer Miranda Mulholland’s sweetly hushed singing. Great Lake Swimmers seems to make a point of avoiding bombast in favor of subtlety, yet never abandoning the feeling of momentum. Their latest release, A Forest of Arms, is just as welcoming as it sounds; beginning and ending with the lyrics, “I’ve been expecting you…I promise you it will be fine… I’ve been waiting patiently. Singing little melodies…You’re in a place of safety now,” it wraps you up in a musical embrace.


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