5th Anniversary Melodica Festival July 11th+12th

One of my first memories in Berlin is attending Melodica Festival. This was almost exactly two years ago, and I had just moved here. I was dirt broke, yet I found myself eagerly yearning to explore what my newfound home had to offer. That’s when I stumbled upon this wonderful acoustic music festival, which welcomed me with open arms (and a very generous ‘by donation’ entry fee).

Melodica Festival 2013
Melodica Festival 2013

Melodica Festival is unique, in that it’s organized by and for singer-songwriters from all over the world. This tight-knit network of musicians has made the festival possible in over a dozen international—primarily European—cities, one of which is our very own Berlin.

For want of a non-existent English word, I can only describe the atmosphere at Melodica as purely and genuinely gemütlich. The venues are always cozy, and the crowds always pleasantly-sized and attentive. You get the feeling that you’re watching an intimate living room concert, as the musicians and fans intermingle and support one another. In celebration of its 5th anniversary this year, the Melodica Festival will span two days rather than one, and the lineup does not disappoint.

For those of you who can’t make it out for the entire festival, here are a few must-sees to check out:

Dad Rocks! Iceland/Denmark


Rachel Glassberg Berlin


Lasse Matthiessen Copenhagen/Berlin

(for a full playlist of all of the artists in the lineup, listen here)

The festival will take place at Urban Spree on July 11th and 12th, and will begin at 5pm both days. As I mentioned, entry is by donation at the door, so no need to stress about ticket planning. Hope to see you there!


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