Berlin Gig Forecast : June 4 – 18

Who: Mikal Cronin

When: June 8

Where: Lido, Berlin

Mikal Cronin has been a fixture in the California scene for some time now, but his popularity has quickly gained traction with the release this year of his third full-length, MCIII. Holding no punches, the album opens with a bombastic song backed by what sounds like a small orchestra. Though this is essentially indie rock at its core, you can hear various other unconventional influences, like the Indian sitar sound on Cronin’s song “ii) Gold,” or the Broadway-tinged horn intro on “i) Alone.” His use of these alternative instrumentations makes for a rich, lush sound that occasionally reminds me of early Arcade Fire. Given the incredible energy present in these songs, Mikal Cronin’s Lido show is sure to be a good one.

Who: Celestial Shore

When: June 11

Where: Antje Oeklesund, Berlin

You’d be hard-pressed to find an up-and-coming band that’s both as kooky and as listenable as Celestial Shore. It’s this very unique quality that’s made them stand out in the musically over stimulated hotbed that is their native Brooklyn. Celestial Shore’s brand of absurd, twee art rock is reminiscent of bands like The Unicorns and Deerhoof. Due to the fragmented non-linear structure and overall trippy jam session quality of their songs, I very nearly paused (multiple times) to check if something else wasn’t playing on my laptop. Craziness aside, their music manages to keep your attention, whether it’s because of the lead singer’s endearingly high falsetto or just out of sheer curiosity as to what the hell will come next.


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