Jazz it up Berlin-style : XJAZZ Festival May 7-10

While Berlin has gotten the most attention for its renowned electro scene, it seems that a burgeoning jazz scene is also starting to make headway. After its debut in 2014, XJAZZ Festival will once again take over the city this weekend. In its second year, the once small jazz showcase has now developed into a full-on city festival, with concerts spanning four days and 10 different venues in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Not a fan of jazz, you say? Don’t worry that pretty little head: musical acts range from those you’d expect at a festival called XJAZZ to those more fitting at electro-heavy Berlin Festival. Not only that, the festival is almost entirely homegrown, boasting an impressive number of Berlin-based musicians.

Tickets are available here in the form of festival passes, or on sale for each individual concert. And for those of you who are living on a Sterni-a-day kind of budget, XJAZZ has organized a small spin-off, OFFJazz, which offers concerts totally free of charge. Nicht schlecht.


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