Berlin Gig Forecast : March 15 – 29

Who: Aloa Input

When: March 20

Where: Antje Øklesund, Berlin


Aloa Input is a collective of three Munich musicians who joined forces in 2012. Similar to a good chunk of alternative music coming out of Germany right now, Aloa Input’s music has a definite electronic influence, but it’s not overbearing or overproduced, far from it: their sound is at once clean-cut and multi-faceted. They make use of some fantastic bass lines, along with roaring, energetic guitar passages, which both rightfully take on a prominent role in the music. And though the singing can seem like an afterthought on a number of their songs, the badass lyrics of a track like “Perry” remind you that they’ve still got a lot to say. Their show at Antje on the 20th is the release party for their sophomore album, Mars etc, put out on March 6 with Morr Music.

Who: Glass Animals

When: March 26

Where: Bi Nuu, Berlin

Oxford-based Glass Animals is a relatively new act on the scene, yet their debut album has been making big ripples since its release just last year. Their music is an eclectic mix of psychedelic and trip hop, with a silky smooth sound backed up by weighty beats. I find it a nice touch that their song titles also match the nature of their music perfectly, with names like “Gooey” and “Hazey” (possibly also a result of the munchies induced by whatever substances were running through their veins while making this trippy music). Ultimately, when I’m in need of a major chill-out session, Glass Animals’ languid music is the perfect companion. If you can’t catch them this time around, fret not: they’ll also be playing a set at Berlin’s first Lollapalooza in September.


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