Inside Charlie Rayne

In honor of my having recently seen the Coen brothers’ new film Inside Llewyn Davis, I thought I’d tell you guys about Berlin’s own finger-pickin’ folk singer hailing straight from Lebanon: Charlie Rayne.

This guy might not be doing anything new, but what he does he does well. I saw him play at an acoustic festival here a little while back, and he was fantastic. He really knows his way around the guitar and he’s nailed that tongue-in-cheek lyrical style that folkies like Bob Dylan were so famous for.

So far he only has one EP out, Thirty Sunsets, but there seems to be a full-length in the works. If you get the chance, I’d recommend seeing him live. He’s been playing in a number of small venues around the city, so just check out his website (linked to his name above) for updates. Maybe I’ll see you there and we can sip on some fair trade coffee in a dim, smoke-filled room while bemoaning the evils of the capitalist system.


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